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Your short term or long term lease at The Falls includes some pretty amazing amenities.
All Utilities, Maintenance, & Janitorial

All Utilities, Maintenance, & Janitorial
Included in your lease are all utilities, maintenance, and janitorial services, so you can focus on what you do best, and not maintaining an office
Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms
Take advantage of any of the six conference rooms at The Falls, and the audio/video systems and state-of-art electronic white board.

Coffee and Soda Bar

Free Coffee & Soda Bar

Offer your clients and employees a beverage from the complimentary coffee and soda bar as you make your way to your office.

Rent Will Include

  • Receptionist
  • All utilities
  • All maintenance
  • Janitorial service
  • Telephone system with or without attendant
  • Voice mail service
  • Local and long distant phone
  • Office furniture
  • Conference rooms
  • Break room with kitchenette
  • Copiers
  • Free parking
  • 24 hour access to office suite
  • Key fob entry system
  • Private shower w/ dressing room
  • Free coffee and soda bar
  • No charge hi-speed inter-net service
  • 3 Lounge areas for relaxing or for an informal meeting place
  • 180 ft long skylight
  • 25 ft high water feature
  • Spectacular view
  • Campus like setting
  • On site bike path & river walk


Additional Amenitties

  • Only 1 minute from I-180
  • Only 4 minutes from downtown Williamsport
  • Over 12 hotels with-in a 3 mile radius
  • Only 5 minutes from airport


The Falls at Water Tower Square has one of the highest traffic counts and visibility in the Williamsport area.
Additionally, your customizable office space lease includes a receptionist, next generation high speed internet, local and long distance phone with or without attendant, voice mail service, break room with kitchenette, private shower with dressing room, copiers, free parking, and 24-hour FOB access. It truly is an all-inclusive office space in Williamsport.


A truly personal business space awaits you
at The Falls and Water Tower Square.

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